CSI Crazy Daze Summer Series

Hello everyone! CSI is adding to Crazy Daze !!! a new Jr. Jumper program, a division of Crazy Daze Summer Series is being added. . Normally, the discipline of stand alone jumpers (not part of CT or 1 day events involving dressage) are not part of the CSI award system. CSI, however,  wants to encourage our youth, and most youth start out competing in jumping competitions. With that goal in mind, Jr. Jumpers was created.
Points will be awarded according to the guidelines for Hunters, which is in the CSI award system.

CDSS will run the full CSI competition year and run through Oct 31st. There will be monthly winners, and the Championship requirements will remain the same ( 2 months out of the 6 required). All awards will be announced with the CSI year end awards. You can win for any month, but the announcements come at the end of the competition year.


$25.00 for the competition year, no matter how many months you participate. For an extra $25.00 you can compete at two levels,  ie…Intro Dressage and TL Dressage

Monthly winners will be awarded ribbons, while the Grand and Reserve Champions will be awarded ribbons + gift.

Schooling or rated shows qualify
forms MUST be signed by judge – Dressage uses USDF/USEF forms, and for other classes, use the CSI HOY Competition Report Form found on the “CSI forms” page of the website.
Awards based on single highest score for individual month, ties broken by averaging the two required scores, Championship scores are top 4 scores, averaged.
All Dressage must be on USDF forms/score sheets
Divisions are Jr. AA or Open –
***Scores can double as HOY scores if horse/member is also competing in the annual HOY awards

Rider must be current year CSI member
Horse must be CSI registered – Horse must be shown under CSI registered name.
Dressage -all levels – 2 scores submitted per month – minimum score of 58%
DD-all levels- 2 scores submitted per month- minimum score of 58%
CDE -all levels-1 score – (complete 3 day event)- form available on CSI website
CT -all levels- 1 score – (complete 3 day event)- form available on CSI website

Jumpers- CSI is allowing our Jr. Members to be part of the fun in the jumping competition. The following classes are approved for Jr. Jumper


Hopeful jumper

Open jumper

Green Hunter
Working Hunter
All  Hunter flat and over fences classes qualify, 2 scores must be submitted. At least one score must be “over fences” classes.

This award is based on a Point system as follows:

Place/RibbonMinimum horses in the classPoints earned
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
4th place
5th place
6th place

Points will be doubled for classes with 15 or more horses competing in that class.

Riders MUST register. Please register when the first set of scores are sent in to the CSI office. Scores (legible and signed by judge) may be scanned and emailed. Eventers can provide a link to scores.

Prizes (each division/level) to be awarded – CSI requests that all winners submit a photo for the CSI website/newsletter with horse, ribbon and rider.
Monthly winners: 1-3rd place, ribbons awarded
Championship round (at least 2 months participation) Championship to be awarded to Champion and Reserve Champion – ribbon and award.

CSI reserves the right to make changes/implement a tie breaker system and/or cancel class or level due to non participation. CSI cannot be held liable for any injuries that might occur in members participating in this competition.

Register here.