Dressage Horse of the Year Awards

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The CSI HOY competition year is Nov 1st through Oct 31st of the following year

The classical definition of “Sporthorse” refers to a horse (of any breed) used as a competitive or recreational horse for dressage, jumping, 3-day eventing and combined driving. Dressage defined (for awards) here is Dressage Competitions that use either USDF or USEA or Pony Club Test score sheets. Western Dressage is not allowed.

CSI HOY in Dressage is determined by scores earned, based on high percentage average at each level.

USDF, USAE, Equine Canada & non-rated (schooling) shows can be counted toward HOY awards. To qualify as a “show” standard tests must be ridden and the classes must be placed with awards (ribbons awarded).

NEW for 2013…..First Level and above scores must be from rated shows, US and Canada rated shows qualify. This is a change in requirements, so please plan accordingly. The remainder of HOY rules apply with no other changes.

In order for dressage tests to count, they must be dated and signed by the judge, including the name of the horse AND rider.

Dressage horses may compete and earn awards in two consecutive levels within a single competition year. Training through Grand Prix.

minimum of 5 scores per level must be submitted to qualify for HOY awards. Minimum score if 58% or higher to qualify, including at least 2 scores from the highest test at the level (excluding USDF Intro, which must submit one test from the highest test of the level), with a total average (of all submitted scores) of 60% required to qualify.

Please submit test sheets (original or all sides photocopied) including judges signature, to the CSI office. All scores must be postmarked before competition year end date. Scores that do not meet HOY requirements for amount (less than 5 scores – minimum percentages still apply) will be automatically entered into current year Crazy Daze Summer Series competition.

Dressage HOY will include Junior/Young Rider, Amateur & Open awards at the following divisions:

USDF Intro
First Level
Second Level
Third Level
Fourth Level

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