USDF All-Breed Awards

USDF All Breeds awards – CSI rules.

In order to participate in the CSI sponsored USDF All Breed Awards, the owner of record must be a CSI member.  If you are registering a horse for the first time please list the breed as “American Curly” or “American Curly Cross” in accordance with USDF Rules.

The horse must be registered with CSI and shown using the horse‚Äôs CSI registered name.

The rider is not required to be a member of CSI.

USDF All Breeds awards are offered for:


Training Level Dressage through Grand Prix

Musical Freestyle -Training Level through Grand Prix


Divisions to compete in are:

OPEN, AA (Adult Amateur) and Jr/Young rider.

There is a $40.00 nomination fee (per level)  payable to CSI after the USDF has announced the winners.

Multiple  levels would require multiple fees of $40.00. ie competing at First Level and Second Level would require an $80.00 fee.

For 2020 and beyond CSI allows competition in 3 divisions, Open, Adult Amateur and Jr/Young Rider. and places Champion, Reserve Champion and 3rd place.. You may compete in up to 2 divisions. The $40.00 is the fee for ONE division (ie…Jr. Rider). For additional divisions (ie Jr Rider and Open  division that you earn an additional medal there is an additional fee of $25.00.

Fees are due when the USDF Announces winners.  If your fee has not been paid by Nov. 10th, you will not receive a CSI award, and may forfeit future placing made by the USDF.

For example-

compete in One Level in Adult Amateur division = $40.00 due

compete in First and Second Level in Adult Amateur division= $80.00

compete in First and Second Level in AA and OPEN divisions= $130.00 due  (2 x $40.00+2 x $25.00)

compete in One Level in AA and Open divisions= $40.00+$25.00=$75.00 due.

USDF membership rules, horse registration rules and competition dates and deadlines are set by the USDF, please refer to their website for current rules and dates.