Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What IS a sporthorse anyway?

A: The classical definition of “Sporthorse” refers to a horse (of any breed) used as a competitive or recreational horse for dressage, jumping, 3-day eventing and combined driving.

Q: Is CSI JUST for breeders?

A: Not at all. On the contrary, if you look at Member Services, you will see that there are many other areas of focus beyond breeding, including education, awards (not all require riding), plus our members discussion list is the foundation of the member community and hosts a variety of topics.

Q: Who is eligible for CSI Horse of the Year Awards?

A: All CSI registered horses are eligible to participate by competing in sporthorse events (see Awards).

Q: Who qualifies as a CSI Founding Member?

A: A CSI founding member is a member in good standing who joined CSI prior to January 1, 2004 and maintains a continuous membership. Founding members are eligible for additional discounts beyond regular member discounted fees on all CSI services.

Q: What horses are eligible for CSI Sport Horse inspections?

A: All horses attending CSI inspections must have CSI registration papers, either in the improvement stock division or one of the registry divisions based on Curly bloodlines.

Q: Who can host a CSI Sport Horse inspection?

A: Any CSI member in good standing may host a Sport Horse Inspection. Contact the inspection coordinator for details.