What IS a Curly Sporthorse?

A Curly Sporthorse is a Curly bred horse that is bred and trained (if mature enough) to participate in sport horse events.

Sport horse events include competitive or recreational (non-competitive) dressage, jumping, combined training, or driving.

Being “Curly Bred” does not mean that the horse MUST exhibit a curly coat, as not all Curlies show strong expression or any expression of the Curly genetics. What is more important than the coat is the horse’s disposition, trainability, movement, & athleticism.

Another rare and unusual attribute of the Curly Sport Horse is that most of them tend to be hypoallergenic. This can be verified by a simple allergy test, slowly exposing the allergic rider to the horse, careful to note any reaction. Some riders find that they are basically allergy free around Curlies (excluding any environmental allergies, such as to dust, hay, or other air transported allergens). Some riders find that they do react, but it their reaction is reduced significantly. Allergy tests can be performed long distance (you can be sent a sample of the horse’s hair by mail) but it is recommended to test them in person for more conclusive results.

Please note that many straight coated horses from Curly bloodlines are also hypoallergenic.

But Curly Sport Horses are not JUST for riders with allergies. There are other tendencies of Curlies that contribute to its ability to function in the sport horse world, such as strong hooves that often do not need shoes, substantial, strong bone, a innate curiosity, and willingness and interest in interaction with people (which tends to translate into ease of training). Plus they are unique and interesting.

Stand out in the crowd! Put a little curly in your world!