Curly Sporthorse Inspections

CSI is expanding its inspection process to include performance standards. These new expanded inspection rules will allow our members to meet the requirements for inspection designations though ridden methods. CSI feels this is a positive option for CSI horse owners. No other registry offers inspection designation based on performance. This change enables CSI horse owners to achieve the equivalent of inspection designation for performance horses who are clearly proving themselves, even if attending a CSI inspection is not possible. All standards are based on existing governing body rules, such as the USDF/ADS/USEA/USEF.  Here are the basics:

Horse owner must be a CSI member. Riders/drivers can be non members.

Horse must be CSI registered before the process starts.

Horse must be vet inspected and vet paperwork is to be included with the CSI inspection application.

Scores must be earned in the time span of a normal CSI competition year which is Nov 1 – Oct 31st of the following year.

Performance inspection designation approvals are offered for Sport Horse Breeding competitions,  Dressage, Combined Training, Driven Dressage and Combined Driving. There are no guidelines for Hunters at this time (2014).

 Site inspections are still available but there is a new option for inspecting horses based on performance.  Evaluations at a site inspection include in hand, at liberty and free jumping. Ridden requirements are listed on the CSI Performance Inspection page.

Any CSI member in good standing can host a CSI Sporthorse Site Inspection. If 5 or more horses are inspected, Inspection hosts receive a free Individual Membership for the year following the hosted inspection as a ‘Thank You’ for their hard work. For information about hosting an inspection, please email CSI.

Each inspected horse will receive an inspection certificate with their scores. A champion and reserve champion are named in both the young horse and adult divisions.

All inspected horses & their respective scores are entered into the CSI stud books.

CSI Performance Inspection page

Inspections, both site and performance will have awards given on an annual basis. Grand and Reserve Champions will be awarded.

Performance Inspection Annual Awards

Annual awards will be awarded for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion inspection designations. The required scores will be averaged and the placing will be determined by the average. There will be awards for each division, ie…dressage, combined training, driven dressage and combined driving. These will be awarded along with the other annual  CSI awards, HOY, USDF All Breeds,RPM and Crazy Daze Summer Series Championships.