Why Inspect Curlies?

CSI is the first Curly Horse registry to offer inspections of any kind. CSI is the only curly registry offering performance Inspections.  Sporthorse inspections benefit the breeder, buyer, & seller:

Inspections serve as an educational tool:
Breeders can use inspections as a learning experience, helping them train their eye to sport horse conformation and movement.
Breeders can make more informed decisions on the future of their breeding operation, helping them improve the quality of their stock in each generation.
Buyers can look at an independent assessment of the horse’s potential for an individual sport before purchasing a new horse.
As the CSI studbook develops, breeders and buyers alike will be able to see trends in the ability of particular bloodlines based on inspection scores and performance results.
Knowledge is power. It takes knowledge to make decisions. Inspections take some of the mystery out of the selection or your next sport horse.

Additional information is available on CSI Inspections