CSI Naming Convention


CSI is a Sport Horse registry, therefore, we have decided to follow a sport horse naming convention, similar to that required by the majority of the Warmblood registries. The intention is to respect and honor the Curly bloodlines of our horses. Over time, the successful Curly Sporthorse bloodlines will stand out and unsuccessful lines will fade into history. Another benefit is that time will prove which lines carry particular talents and those lines can be easily identified by the horse’s name.

The naming convention goes into effect 2004. Horses born prior to 2004 do not have to be named following the convention. Foals born in the year 2004 or later must follow the convention.

Naming Convention

Use of a Breeder’s Prefix or Breeder’s Suffix is optional, both farm/ranch initials or name are allowed. However, if a breeder chooses to use a prefix or suffix, it must be declared to the registry prior to registration of any horses. This can be done via an email. Declaration of a prefix/suffix is free to members, but there will be a charge to non-members. The importance of this declaration is so that foals are not named after a breeder’s prefix in error.

Optional Breeder’s Prefix + Name (+ Optional Breeder’s Suffix)

Name must not exceed 30 characters including prefix or suffix. Only prefix or suffix is allowed, not both.

If the horse’s sire is registered in a Curly registry, the horse’s name must begin with the first letter of the sire’s name (not the breeder’s prefix)

If the horse is the product of a non-curly stallion X Curly mare, there are several options. First, the offspring’s name may begin with the first letter of the mare’s name. (The intention is to honor the bloodlines of Curly heritage). Due to duplication of major lines (existing, unrelated lines starting with the same initial) there is a second option, which is to use the first letter of the grandsire (dam line) and use that letter to start the foal’s name. If you have any questions about naming conventions or what this means to you, please contact the CSI office.

Use of the sire’s name as part of the foal’s registered name is discouraged, as are the use of initials, other than a breeder’s prefix or suffix.

No naming convention applies to horses without any immediate Curly ancestors registered in the Breedstock Improvement Division.

Any questions? Send an email to: csi@curlysporthorse.club