How to Register Your Horse

CSI registrations curly smooth coated horses & ponies, each in a separate division of the registry.
All divisions are eligible for CSI Sporthorse Inspections.

How to Register Your Horse

Complete the CSI registration application and CSI Pedigree form.
Existing papers may be submitted instead of a Pedigree Form. If no pedigree is known, indicate ‘unknown’ on the form.
Refer to the CSI Naming Convention for naming guidelines.
Provide 4 recent color photos showing all markings: (left side, right side, front, rear (please hold tail to the side if it will obstruct any markings)
At least one identifying photo must clearly show that this is a curly horse, unless registered is in a smooth coated division or breeding stock improvement division.
Please label each photo with horse & owner’s name.
Confused about Color or Markings? Please see our Color & Markings Guidelines.

Note: The photos become the property of CSI and will not be returned.

Multiple Horse Discounts

Multiple horse discounts are available for owners/breeders that wish to register a number of horses at the same time.
Registration of 5 or more horses (forms submitted at the same time for horses owned by the same individual), qualify for a 10% discount.
Registration of 10 or more horses (forms submitted at the same time for horses owned by the same individual) qualify for a 20% discount.

Future Registrations

Currently, any Curly Sporthorse may be registered with CSI. However, in the future, registration will require approval of both parents via CSI Sporthorse Inspections. Ample notice will be given to all members prior to any rule changes.