New Website Re-design Coming!

Watch for a complete  CSI website redesign coming soon with a new look,  new graphics, easier searching and updated forms & fees!

Why CSI?

Curly owners, riders, breeders and fans around the world have discovered CSI! Founded in 2003, as a registry dedicated to the training, recognition, improvement and promotion of the Curly Sport Horse, CSI has grown and succeeded in leaps and bounds. Owners, riders, breeders all have member benefits that have been founded similar to other sport horse registries. Fans of CSI, (and Curly Sport Horses) can join in on the fun with Social Media, we are on FaceBook, we have a CurlySportNEWS blog, Yahoo group and an online gift shop.

You don’t have to own a curly sport horse to be part of the fun! Owners, riders and breeders can participate in programs created just for them. Horses and Riders can participate in the CSI/USDF All Breeds awards programs, they can also compete in the highly popular “Horse of the Year” awards program. Riders can earn medals in our RPM program, logging time in lessons and shows, and there are more awards programs being created at this time. Breeders can participate in the CSI Futurity, a program that pays cash back! CSI inspections, and CSI also offers advertising opportunities unequal to other “curly sales sites.” CSI offers an annual newsletter, here CSI announces our annual awards, it is also chock full of CSI news, updates, and interesting articles…published and mailed to your door in the fall of the year. CSI is a good value for your dollar, we offer an up to date website with increased “Sport horse” traffic (not just Curly horse) to our site and reasonable fees for our programs…. COME and JOIN the FUN at CSI !!!!