Dressage Futurity FAQ

The following are Frequently Asked Questions about the CSI Dressage Futurity:

What IS a Dressage Futurity? 
A Dressage Futurity is an opportunity for breeders to bring recognition to their stallions, mare & offspring produced by nominating foals into the Futurity Program. All funds contributed to the program through nominations will be paid back to the top scoring entries when the nominated horses are shown in dressage tests during their fifth year. In the futurity year, the nominated horse competes following the same rules for Dressage HOY for that year. Money is paid to winners at the end of the competition year, after show results are complete for the year.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the CSI Dressage Futurity? 
All foals born in 2005 or after and registered in any book of CSI, excluding for the Breed Stock Improvement Book (meaning the horse does not carry any known Curly bloodlines), are eligible to enter the Futurity. There are two payment schedules, one for foals born in 2005 & 2006 & a different schedule for all foals born 2007 and after.

Dressage Futurity 
For the Dressage Futurity, the fifth futurity payment serves as your "Intent to Compete" notice. 
Your final Futurity Payment must be postmarked no later than February 15th of the competition year andbefore the first competition. 
All payments must be up to date before competing otherwise the scores will not count toward the futurity. 
The competition year is from January 1 to November 30. 
CSI HOY rules for training level dressage apply. 
Please note: The Competition year dates for the Futurity vary slightly from the standard HOY competition year.

What Do I Need to Do in the Competition Year? 
CSI HOY rules for Dressage for that competition year apply. Follow the procedures listed on the web site for submission of scores. A single dressage score may apply to both HOY and the Futurity, however the same nomination fee will not apply to both awards.

May I Nominate my horse during his 5th year? 
Initial nomination after Feb 15th of the horse’s 4th year will not be allowed.

How do I keep my horse Eligible for the futurity? 
Keep the futurity payments are kept up to date
The owner must remain a continuous member of CSI through the competition year 
IF the horse is sold, proper transfer of ownership must be completed and the new owner is a member or joins at the time of the transfer. 

What if I live in Canada or Europe? 
The same rules apply. The horse will compete at Training Level (or equivalent test) following the rules for eligibility for CSI Horse-of-the-Year awards for that competition year. 

What Dressage tests do NOT qualify for the Futurity?
Driven dressage tests
Dressage tests performed as part of a combined test or event entry (meaning a multiple part test involving jumping)

What Are My Payments? 
Your individual payments and total payment will vary depending on your horse’s age when you start the nomination. Those who make the first payment by February 15th the year following the foal’s birth will pay less (in total) by the competition year. The longer you wait to start payments, the more you will pay up front and in total. Payments may be made in a single amount any time during the year, but must be postmarked no later than February 15th each year. All payments are non-refundable and eligibility is maintained only as long as the payments are kept up to date (see section on penalty payments for how to catch up late payments).

Why do the payments go up drastically when initial nomination is made after the horse’s 2nd year? 
Because the later a horse is nominated, the greater the advantage to the owner because he’/she will have more information regarding the horse’s ability, talent and trainability at that age, therefore there is less risk. The lower nomination rate goes to those that are taking the higher risk. 

Are There Any Reduced Payments for the Dressage Futurity? 
If the futurity nomination is paid for in full by the initial nomination deadline, a 10% discount may be subtracted from the total amount. This only applies if the full futurity nomination is paid by the Feb. 15th deadline in the horse’s yearling year. 
If payment for the Dressage Futurity has been started and you wish to pay off all of the remaining payments in one single payment, you will get a 5% reduction on the remaining amount. If only one payment is left, no reduction is available. 
Foal registration: 
All foals being nominated to the Futurity must be registered at the time of nomination.
Foal registration and futurity nomination may be submitted at the same time. 

Do I Have To Be a CSI Member To Enter The Futurity? 
Yes, continuous membership is required from the first payment through the competition year. If your membership has lapsed or you have fallen behind, you may pay for back memberships or, if you have purchased the horse and the previous owner did not keep up his/her membership, you may pay for those missed year(s) to maintain eligibility. 

What If I Sell The Nominated Horse? 
The nomination goes with the horse when it is sold and may not be transferred to another horse. If you have kept up your payments and membership to the time of sale, the new owner can take over the payments to continue the nomination on the same schedule you started. The new owner must join CSI and transfer ownership into their name. Each horse has its own Futurity number, so that information must be passed on to the new owner as well.

How are Winnings Distributed? 
The distribution will depend upon the number of entries in the futurity. 
If there are less than 4 entries, payback of net futurity earnings (after expenses) will pay back through second place, 65% & 35% for first and second place respectively. 
If there are 4 or more entries, the payback of net futurity earnings (after expenses) will pay back through 3rd place, 50%, 30% and 20% to the first, second and third places respectively. 
Expenses are defined as: Ribbons & certificates, postage for mailing prizes & earnings to the participants & any additional costs that may be incurred in the event that a CPA/accountant must be consulted for tax purposes. 
If future entries warrant, CSI reserves the right to distribute winnings thru 5th place. Actual distribution will depend upon the number of entries and amounts are to be determined. 

When Are My Payments Considered Late? 
Your payments must be postmarked no later than Feb 15th or they will be considered late. (See Futurity Payment Schedule.) 

Do I Need a Separate nomination form for each foal?

Yes. Each foal is given a futurity number and each foals information must be included on a separate nomination form.