Test Stallion 2

January 19, 2012

Stallions Test

Cerridwen (ABC-P-1938(F)) x KC Prince Charles (ABC-P-2476)
Bay 13.3 hands DOB April 29, 2003

Booking Information:
Stud Fee: $400.00 US
Mare Care: $8/day
AI available: Fresh/Cooled (collection and shipping fees TBD
Heather Keller
Phone: 360-539-9240

Owner’s Remarks:

Rhys is a correct large pony sire, standing at 13.3HH, and is bright bay in color. Rhys has an exceptional temperament, impeccable ground manners, and is a dream to ride. He has incredible extension coupled with extraordinary agility and a back that just does not move while he is in motion. Rhys has a powerful, ground covering stride, and free shoulder; all the while maintaining his responsiveness to aids and sensitivity to his rider/handler. Thus far Rhys has passed on his tractable mind set, adoration of humans, free shoulder, swinging back, huge extension, and “look at me presence” that is required to excel in the Sporthorse arenas to all of his offspring, improving on each of the varying mares he’s been crossed to to date. Given how versatile Rhys is, and his extraordinarily high quality in the Curly Horse breed, he is the ideal stallion to breed your mares to for perfectly conformed offspring capable of excelling in any direction, with the added bonus of a high percentage of Curly foals. Live Foal Guarantee.


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