CSI 10 Year Anniversary Essay Contest Winner!

August 7, 2013

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The winner in our CSI 2013 10th year anniversary contest is

Trish Rosborough of Yanagistables.com


Trish and her curly stallion Kinyobi

Read her essay on “What my curly has taught me” below:

A very knowledgeable horsewoman asked me one time “what did you learn from your horse today?”… at the time my response was “I can’t think of anything right now”, uhhhh… “didn’t know horses could have curls?”… As time goes on, the question keeps popping up to yourself and the responses keep changing and become somewhat overwhelming. Our dear Curlies will humble you, love you, respect you…disrespect you and definitely try your patience with their antics. Curlies have an inept way of looking at you as if to say “you want me to do what?!” Perhaps it is that big dark eye with the curly eyelashes but they do have a way of getting a reaction. Hopefully a positive one that benefits both parties…but always that question that makes you truly think of how you will respond. And then question yourself if you handled it the best way! Not so unlike our kids…

Let’s just say, one thing Curlies have taught me is to be a more patient person and as a result a better parent. They are so varied in their personalities that one can only think they are not so unlike our children. I know…this is totally corny and definitely something only a “horse person” could say, well anything that gives you the ability and opportunity to become a better person and/or parent, definitely cannot be knocked.

Not unlike our kids, we take great pride in their accomplishments and continue to help them strive to become successful and reach goals. Curly Horses definitely make it easy for a person to be proud. They have great try, are smart, sometimes too smart…huge heart, and you just want to go out and hug them all the time!!! So you know where I’m going with this…these are some of the qualities that you hope to see in your own children. Have Curly Horses help me find a way to instill those qualities in my own children…I truly believe so! So just like kids, the table perhaps is not yet quite full and you need just that one more to fill it. Okay, now I’m saying I’m a hoarder…no a collector, NO… a breeder!!! (of Curly Horses, not kids…). So go hug your family!!! The hairy and not so hairy!!!

Congratulations, Trish!

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