2014 Curly Sporthorse International coloring contest winners announced!!!

May 1, 2014

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drum roll please….It is with excitement Curly Sporthorse International  announces the winners in our 2014 CSI Coloring contest.

This year entries came from all over the US and Canada. Because of the large number of entries, CSI placed the top 4 pictures with ribbons and prizes. Prizes will be mail out next week.  As usual, only names and last initials are used, to protect the privacy of our young artists.

THANK YOU to all who entered, THANK YOU to the parents and schools that helped get the entries to us… CSI appreciates your time and effort !!! CSI looks forward to your entries in 2015.

2014 CSI Coloring contest ages 0-5years 2014 CSI Coloring contest ages 6-10years 2014 CSI coloring Contest ages 11-15years

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