The CSI 2016 Coloring Contest

The 2016 CSI Coloring Contest has ended and here are our winners!  I would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest. I would also like to thank you for your patience, as I am listing winners a bit late due to unforseen circumstances.  Also on my list to thank is our “guest judge” Alice Dexter, Alice has a very artistic eye and is fluent in metal working, stained glass and other mediums…her effort in judging for CSI is much appreciated !  I would also like to comment on the quality of the work entered this year. All the entries were great, and there several quite exceptional.  Posting them online does not really do them justice as to their actual appearance.  The “2016” Director’s Choice” coloring page is mesmerizing. It just draws you into what appears to be a 3D piece of art, but when you look closer, you can see it is all the detail that went into the piece.  I also love how many of the artists took liberty in coloring the surroundings. This takes the coloring pages from ordinary to a real work of art!  Thank you to all who entered and I am looking forward to the 2017 contest.

***As a special reward for the artist,  this year’s” Director’s Choice” will be featured in the annual CSI calendar. The 2017  calendar, will be available in Nov of 2016 and also features our other CSI award winners.*** Congrats to Julia !!!
Director's Choice Julia S. of Kapolei, Hawaii

0-5 years

1st place Larrisa F. Hudson, South Dakota
1st place ages 0-5 years Larrisa F. Hudson, South Dakota
2nd place  Larrisa F.  Hudson, South Dakota
2nd place ages 0-5 years Larrisa F. Hudson, South Dakota

3rd place  Collin C. Las Vegas, Nevada
3rd place ages 0-5 years Collin C. Las Vegas, Nevada

6-11 years

1st place  Luna M.  Otis Orchards, Washington
1st place 6-11 years Luna M. Otis Orchards, Washington

2nd place Alex C.  Salem, Oregon
2nd place ages 6-11 years Alex C. Salem, Oregon

3rd place  Bella M.  Otis Orchards, Washington
3rd place ages 6-11 years Bella M. Otis Orchards, Washington

11-15 years

1st place Julia S.  Kapolei, Hawaii
1st place ages 11-15years Julia S. Kapolei, Hawaii

2nd place Cristen G. Kapolei, Hawaii
2nd place ages 11-15years Cristen G. Kapolei, Hawaii

3rd place Malisa L.  Kapolei, Hawaii
3rd place ages 11-15 years Malisa L. Kapolei, Hawaii


New this year…..

15-70 years

1st place Christine B. Nampa, Idaho
1st place ages 15-70 years Christine B. Nampa, Idaho

2nd place Samantha C. Chester, Vermont
2nd place ages 15-70 years Sammatha C. Chester, Vermont

3rd place  Jessica C.  Las Vegas, Nevada
3rd place ages 15-70 years Jessica C. Las Vegas, Nevada

and our Super Senior, both of who reside at Wedgewood Terrace Assisted Living in Lewiston, ID.  Due to a staff change we only got 2 entries. I am excited about getting more entries in this category in 2017.

1st place  Betty Jo   Lewiston, Idaho

1st place Super Senior 70 plus, Betty Jo Wedgewood Terrace Assisted Living, Lewiston, ID 2nd place Jean E.

2nd place Jean E.  Lewiston, Idaho